Verified reviews from real patients.

“Dr. Grichy is great.
She fixes my back right up and is delightful while she does it. The electric muscle stimulation is very relaxing.
She definitely knows her stuff and is extremely personable as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Grey W.
“Dr. Jessie” takes time with her patients and really listens to their complaints. She is realistic with you about what can be done, future issues, and how to best change any lifestyle habit that may be contributing to exasperate your issues. She correctly diagnosed and proved with x-ray, 2 wrist fractures my “upper extremity surgeon” missed. Her top massage therapist, Jerry, is AMAZING... her state of the art equipment, and alternative adjustment techniques are for every kind of chronic pain, whether degenerative or a result of injury. She accepts most all insurance and is extremely reasonable on private basis! IMPRESSIVE A DOCTOR WHO CARES”
— Deborah A.
I went to see Dr Grichy after having my jaw luxated at soccer.
I couldn’t close my jaw anymore and was a bit afraid by what she would do to me.
But Dr Grichy put it back after only one session and without any pain, slowly and smouthly.
I will come back any time and couldn’t recommend her more.
— Guillaume C.
I’m glad I went to see Dr. Grichy. She is professional and very pleasant. She seemed very knowledgeable. All my questions were answered and my appointment did not feel rushed at all. She answered all my questions and even drew diagrams for me.
She is a high energy chiropractor, who seems to really like what she does.
I visited her for a lower back pain that’s been bothering me for a while. After a couple of sessions my pain improved dramatically. I can now get back to exercising with minimal pain. With the practice stretching exercises Dr. Grichy taught me, I am better able to control the pain on my own, and continue to be as active as I was before.
I would certainly recommend her to my friends and family.”
— Marie Anne B.
I went to Dr Grichy because I messed up my ankle playing soccer and developed some severe knee issues from not caring for it properly over a 10 month span. The pain would wake me up in the middle of the night.
I was absolutely blown away. She fixed my ankle in just 2 magic!! The knee however required more attention...and she gave it all she had—Cranial Sacral therapy, electric stimulation, some Kinesiology techniques...
She was absolutely professional and efficient; she was patient with me too, which is hard to find in a chiro because many just ‘turn and burn’ as many patients as possible. But she took time to understand that I was trying to find ways to describe the pains and sensations as best as possible which we all know can be difficult at times.
But what really amazed me was this: she went one step further and gave me diet advice so my body would stay healthy and strong. Functional Medicine! It turns out I was eating some things my body didn’t really like. She opened my eyes to that and I never would have considered any of that when I went in for just my ankle/knee. She raised the bar for any medical professional I will ever see again. (And her accent and positive attitude are both sweet and infectious)
My ankle: better
My knee: better
My diet: better
My wallet: full (she takes insurance)
My quality of life: So much better
Thanks, Doc!”
— ED F.
“Dr. Grichy is wonderful at what she does. I was suffering from lower back and neck issues for years and after about 5 weeks of consistent session with her, I have never felt any better. She has great recommendations, and is very knowledgable and passionate about the field of chiropractics. Lastly she always has a big smile and an energizing vibe when you see her.”
— Lisa F.
Jessica is a very good chiropractor who asked me a lot of details before taking care of my back pain.... I am very happy with the result since my pain flew away. I am practicing motocross which is very hard on my back but everything is fine so far!
— Tony P
What an exceptional Doctor!! I’ve been seeing different chiropractor trying to find someone who could really help me !! Well, I found it !!
Dr.Grichy really took the time to understand what I had & to work on it, like no one did before !
It feels great to have found such a professional, lovely & knowledgeable Chiropractor !! She has Magic Hands !! ;)) I highly recommend her !!
— Hught T
Dr. Jessica Grichy is highly knowledgeable, professional & truly care about her patients.
By far the best chiropractor I had ! She really helped me with the back & neck issues i had !
I recommend Dr. Grichy without any hesitation !
— Stephanie H
What an exceptional Doctor!! I’ve been seeing different chiropractor trying to find someone who could really help me !! Well, I found it !!
Dr.Grichy really took the time to understand what I had & to work on it, like no one did before !
It feels great to have found such a professional, lovely & knowledgeable Chiropractor !! She has Magic Hands !! ;)) I highly recommend her !!”
— Stéphanie H.
Jessica, is a very knowledgeable professional who really listens to her patients. She was able to reduce my symptoms fast and in a gentle way.
She really takes the time to understand and treat each person according to these specific needs. She also shows a lot of kindness and concern, which is not negligible. Highly recommended !
— Karine L.
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“Dr. Grichy, is great! I went to see her after going through several doctors for chronic back pain. After a couple of months of treatment my back and hips have stabilized. I strongly recommend her.
— Solangel S.
IDr. Grichy is so kind and professional. I love that she utilizes so many different techniques. I came in with dizziness and chronic neck pain. After my first visit, everything started to feel better. She is absolutely wonderful and I would recommend her to all of my friends and family
— Anjali B.
Dr. Grichy has changed my life! I suffer from a plethora of crappy painful ailments, and so far, she has been able to treat ALL of them! It is simply amazing how much my quality of life has improved since I started seeing her. My western doctors wanted to perform surgery on my grade 2 L5-S1 spondylolisthesis, including a bone graft, shaving of my bones, implanting screws and pins and other hardware, and I was TERRIFIED! So, instead, I started seeing Dr. Grichy, AND THAT WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! With her help, I have been able to avoid surgery and can walk and hike, and practice yoga again! Things were going so good that I let my ego get ahead of me, and I made the mistake of allowing my western doctors to do 3 spinal epidural steroid injections, and the last one went awry, resulting in another procedure called a blood patch. Needless to say, I now suffer from complications from this; migraines, vertigo, and nausea. Lesson learned. A healthy blend of eastern and western medicines does not have to include invasive surgeries. With Dr. Grichy’s help, her holistic approach, her magic hands, her ability to be gentle yet firm, and use cranial sacral therapies, these side effects are slowly subsiding and life as I know it continues to improve WITHOUT the need for complicated back surgeries.
I really cannot thank her enough!
Here is my laundry list of ailments that Dr. Grichy helps me with:
* Grade 2 L5-S1 Spondylolisthesis
* Torn ligament damage
* Nerve damage
* Slipped vertebrae
* Stress fractures
* Sciatica pain
* Asthma
* Drop foot
* Overuse
* Migraines
* Vertigo
* Nausea
* Muscle pain
* Sprained ankle
* Shoulder pain
* Anxiety
* Computer work pain: shoulders, neck, hands, wrists, head, etc
Honestly, I have never written a yelp review before. I am writing this one now because I want to shout from the mountain tops how much this woman has positively benefitted my life, and to help guide others to her magic hands. I hope that you find the relief that I am finding!”
— Alexi L.
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have been going to Dr. Grichy for years and she always puts me back together! I have issues with my hips, shoulders and neck, and no matter my issue, I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. She really listens to my complaints and I am very happy I found a knowledgeable chiropractor. I would highly recommend Dr. Grichy!
— Courtney E
I started seeing Dr. Grichy about 7 months ago for help with symptoms of vertigo (dizziness & nausea), but didn’t realize how much more I would be getting out of it. Not only has she helped my vertigo tremendously but I also feel so much better in terms of my posture and just the way my body feels. Standing up straight used to be quite painful for me so I would slouch constantly - after several adjustments with Dr. Grichy not only was my dizziness starting to lessen but I also noticed how much more easily I was able to move my body and stand up straight. She’s helped me work through a back and hip injury as well and is always willing to go above and beyond by trying to work you into her schedule if you are in pain and need to see her - which, lets be honest, doctor’s don’t do that anymore! I am very grateful that I found Dr. Grichy, she has been a tremendous help in my overall journey of wellbeing this year and she is a very pleasant and kind person who is easy to communicate with. She’s also open on Saturdays which for me is huge! Go see her, you won’t regret it!
— Vivian G
A few months ago i mysteriously caught something called “sensory neural hearing loss”. As a result, I went deaf in my left ear. As a musician, this was devastating. Initially, the ear doctor I had seen told me that the damage was irreversible and I would not be able to get my hearing back. However, after doing some research online, I found Dr Grichy and starting coming in for cranial therapy treatments. It’s been about 2 months since I began treatment with Dr Grichy and since then my hearing has come back about 40%! She’s literally a miracle worker. I am forever grateful for the wonderful practice she runs and the time and care she gives to her patients. I highly recommend seeing her for whatever is ailing you :)
— George B
I visited Dr.Jessica in the worst of my back condition. I was going through a mild back issue which got worse to a state where I couldn’t even get out of bed or move around without support. She, very patiently, worked on my back and shoulders; also eased off the constant ringing sound in my ear. Every session with her made my back stronger and most of all she helped me gain back my confidence. Prior to her, I had seen 2 physicians who couldn’t understand the problem and I was prescribed Ibuprofen 800mg for the pain. My husband found out about Dr. Jessica on yelp and since she was also closest to our place, it made perfect sense to visit her. She literally helped me like an angel. If you’re thinking about visiting her then wait no more. She is absolutely fantastic. I am grateful and thankful to her for the treatment. God bless her!
— Ira A